Dear Parents,

In the FSL (French program as a Second Language), the main purpose is to emerge the student into a new language and a new culture.

Through recognition and understanding, children begin the requirements and process of a second language. Therefore, it is very important to focus in class in order to follow the dynamics in class.

Children learn instinctively without big concerns or frustrations; consequently parents may help their kids by giving them encouragement and use of resources such as dictionaries, their favorites books, T.V. shows, …that may be even available for free in our closest libraries. As kids are unique; they will be accommodated according to their own capacities by following the school curriculum.

Learning a new language and exploring a new culture helps students integrate into a multicultural society.

Our main purpose is to guide with a positive attitude that establishes a lifelong joy of learning French.

Kindest Regards,

Mme Stella

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