Welcome back to another school year! It will be an exciting and busy year again in which I will be teaching Grades 3, 4 and 6.
In general, every year, new students may feel overwhelmed with the sounds of this new language; the most important thing for them is to try to repeat the new sounds they hear and remain focused to get more exposure to French . The rest of the students should continue to gain confidence and to interact instinctively in class. 

Starting on September 24th, every  Monday, Grade 4 students will be bringing words to study for their spelling test on Fridays. Class time should be used effectively otherwise; students from those grades will bring extra homework to complete at home. All students are encouraged to listen attentively in order to actively participate during French interactions (songs, games, exchanges in French for the most advanced). I encourage students to ask questions and always clarify new concepts taught.

We will have a chance to meet at our WELCOME BBQ on Thursday, September 20th; if parents have any questions please contact me at school (sjimenez@stjudesacademy.com). I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the year for a Happy, Safe and Succesful school year.

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