(September 6th - October 13th, 2017)

It has been an exciting beginning with students adapting and feeling more confident in the French language. New students have been learning about their class environment and how to express essential needs and routines, and for the most advanced students, they are now becoming capable to express themselves with complete and longer sentences in French. For the following weeks students will be working on:

Grade 2: (U5) HOW WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES ("All for One and One for All")
Central Idea" A community is impacted by the involvement of its members "
-What are my responsibilities at home and at school to be a good citizen member in my community?
-How can we distinguish from our needs (“besoins primaires”) and wants (“besoins secondaires”)?
VOCABULAIRE: Les vêtements (clothing), La nourriture(food),  Pays (Countries)
EXPRESSION: "J’ai besoin de (I need...)" 

Grade 3:
Central Idea: "Our well being is dependent on our attitudes, actions and words".
Inquiries: -How do I introduce myself and others in French?
-How can we use our words to be friendly and well mannered?
-How can we name objects (safe or unsafe) in my close environment and ask for help?
VOCABULAIRE: Salutations in French and "MOTS MAGIQUES" (Magic Words).
VERBE: Devoir (I have to ...) AFFIRMATIVE: Je dois ... / NÉGATIVE: Je ne dois pas...

Grades 5:
Central Idea:“The states of matter are altered in order to apply them to practical and useful situations”

The Grade 5 students will be following "VISAGES" as reference to review sentence structure, positive and negative sentences, adjectives, and learn to express their preferences in French. They will review basic irregular and regular verbs such as "avoir, être, faire, aller” and be able to exchange questions with "Qui"(Who), "Quoi" (What), "Où" (Where), "Quand" (When), "Comment" (How), "Pourquoi" (Why)? 

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