Students will be studying the following units according to their grades. 

(Jan. 29th – March 9th)

Grade 2: (U2) WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME (“Super Simple Machines”)
Central IdeaSimple machines have helped shape the world”
-             How do I name the most popular simple machines in French?
-             How do those machines work?
-             Why are those machines important nowdays?
-             What is my favourite simple machine?
VOCABULAIRE:  Les Machines et leurs fonctions.

Grade 3: (U5) HOW WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES (“Country Mouse and City Mouse”)
Central Idea“Geographic and environmental factors influence the development of communities”
-             How do I name different establishments?
-             What objects we found in the city vs. the country?
-             What type of activities can I do in the city?
-             What lifestyle do I prefer to live in?
VOCABULAIRE: Urban vs. rural objects.
VERBE: ALLER à (to go)  … / Venir de (To come) 

Grade 5: (U1) WHO WE ARE (“The Human Body”)
Central Idea: "The human body is a highly organized structure made up of different systems that work together to accomplish functions necessary to sustain life.”
-How to name the body parts in French?
-What activities are related to each one of my body parts?
-How do I describe physical and emotional characteristics?
VOCABULAIRELes parties du corps, Les Systemes
EXPRESSION: J’ai … (Expressions du verbe “AVOIR”)

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