Time certainly flies! Students are reaching their last term of the year and learning about "Le Printemps" (Spring).

The Grade 2 students are completing their cultures and traditions units. They are also learning to express wishes in French and conjugate irregular verbs. 

VOCABULAIRE:  Les Fêtes et traditions, Les souhaits (wishes)

EXPRESSIONS: “Joyeux Anniversaire! Bonne Chance! Bon voyage! Je t’aime! Bonne Fête des Mères! Bonne Fête des Pères! Félicitations!

The Grade 3 students are completing their unit about  “La Ville vs. La Campagne” on which they are establishing differences of lifestyles in the city versus the country.

The Grade 5 students are learning the governing system in Canada
-How to name the politic parties in French?
- What are the roles of each level of government in Canada?
- How is the hierarchy of the Canadian government?
-What is Quebec’s government role?

VOCABULAIRE: "Les Partis Politiques"(Les Libéraux, Les Conservateurs, Le PQ (Parti Québécois), Le NDP -Nouveau Parti Démocratique-, Le parti vert, …


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