The 2017-2018 school year certainly flew by; it has been overwhelming to see the graduations and promotions of students that I met since their first school years at SJA. I have the biggest satisfaction to see that the majority of students seemed more confident and recognized their own improvements in the French language; for me this is an opportunity to thank parents for their support throughout the year and for the recognition they also gave for our dedication and hope to see their kids improving and getting ahead in the French language.

I want to wish everyone a nice and safe summer. Hoping that this season will be filled with bright sunshine, lots of laughs and relaxation.


Students are completing this term by learning about spring related activities and following different grammar structures that relate to their respective grade level. 

The Grade 2 will be focusing on animals and the house, as a building made of different solid materials.

 The Grades 3 are learning about "Faire du Jardinage" (Gardening): 

Le soleil (briller)
La terre (creuser)
Les fleurs (planter)
L'eau (arroser)
                                       Les graines (semer) 

                            LES OUTILS DE JARDINAGE

The Grades 5 will be reviewing different verbs tenses and forms of sentences to expand their written and oral knowledge of French.