I would like to thank all parents who came out for parent-teacher interviews. It was lovely seeing familiar faces as well as meeting new ones at St. Jude's. 

The following will be the units of inquiry that we will be studying.

(Dec. 3rd – Jan. 25th)
Grade 3: (U3) HOW WE EXPRESS OURSELVES (“Tell me a story”)
Central Idea: “Our well-being is influenced by the messages portrayed in the media”
What are the main components to make a story
How to name different types of stories in French
What type of characters could we find in a story
How to use linking words to write a longer story

Grade 4: (U1) WHO WE ARE (“Religion Rules”)
Central Idea: “Beliefs and values guide human expressions”
How to name different types of religion in French.
How religion can affect our values and ideologies in life.
Why is religion so important for our well being

Grade 6:(U2) WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME (“To Bravely Go Where No one has Gone Before”)
Central Idea: Exploration has changed and will continue to change people’s lives”  
Who are the explorers   
Why were the French explorers so important in the Canadian history
How did they affect our present lifestyle 

The month of December is already here; it is exciting to see the streets and malls decorated with ornements and Christmas lights.

Students are certainly getting more into the Christmas spirit; this week they will be singing Christmas songs in French and they will be learning about "Noël" by having the respective vocabulary and grammar level according to their grades.